Becoming a digital nomad.

We live in information age! The future is here and it’s online….and it’s been that way for a while. If you want the freedom to travel, more free time or financial independence then something need to change, probably your job! Let’s call it what it is, the 9-5 job for the vast majority of people... Continue Reading →


Finding a place to call home.

Why Noosa heads? Population - 4'000. A lot of which are backpackers (mostly European) passing through. This provides a transient population that keeps the party alive at night while the friendly & easy-going locals keep the town running during the day. Weather - year round average of 24 degrees (Celsius) with the vast majority of days being pleasantly sunny.... Continue Reading →

The First Step.

Wake up at 6:20 a.m shower ,shave - 20 minutes milk and cereal.. catch public transport to work - 55 minutes cold & cramped arrive at work at 7:55 a.m - make coffee, instant face the computer screen for 4 hours 30 min lunch cold to go outside stay back late, the work needs to get... Continue Reading →

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