Finding a place to call home.

Why Noosa heads?

Population – 4’000. A lot of which are backpackers (mostly European) passing through. This provides a transient population that keeps the party alive at night while the friendly & easy-going locals keep the town running during the day.

Weather – year round average of 24 degrees (Celsius) with the vast majority of days being pleasantly sunny.

Nightlife – Noosa is predominantly a resort town… meaning it has a lot of high end restaurants and bars while also catering for the local scene . it also happens to have the best bar in Queensland…Koala Bar! (as voted by trip advisor 2016) . Also operating as a hostel Koala bar is where to the adventurous open minded backpacker meets the relaxed easy-going local.

Surf – home to some of the best surf breaks that Australia has to offer all within a short drive of each other. waves to suit all levels and preferences.

Economy –November 2016 local newspapers headlines read ”highest job vacancy in Australia per capita “ with chefs and hotel cleaners being in the highest demand. The government has set up a “soon to be thriving” economy by approving a great number of infrastructure projects in the local area.

Logistics – best mode of transport …50cc Scooter! max speed on the main road connecting all the coastal towns in the area is 80kph. During holiday season it can be tricky to find a car park,m not a problem if you have a scooter – I’ve opted to buy a ex-postie bike (honda ct110) available in mass at actions in Brisbane/Gold Coast


Weekends away – include snorkeling at the great barrier reef, Surf trips to Double island Peninsula hiking around Fraser Island.

also there is a domestic/soon to be international airport 30 minutes away which makes traveling the country super easy!

Lists like “most liveable cities” and “best places to live for 2017 ” miss certain lifestyle sweet spots like Noosa because it provides a “niche” lifestyle. although this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. It took me a long time to find a place to call home but it took alot longer to learn what a home should be

the better you can define “who you are” the clearer the vision for “what you want” will be.



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